Position Summary

Position Description

The University of Nevada, Reno seeks a Postdoctoral Scholar. This position is located in Las Vegas Nevada. The position will require different areas of expertise, including hydroponic nutrition management systems, plant physiology, IoT-based monitoring and AI applications, plant phenotyping techniques, climate smart indoor vertical farm management etc. The research areas include the development of an Internet of Things (IoT) system to automate the monitoring and control of hydroponic nutrient management to improve water use efficiency, fertilizer, and plant disease management; application of noninvasive plant phenotyping techniques to real-time monitoring of plant growth, health, and developmental patterns; and investigation of environmental factors for sustainable value-added indoor crop production. A high level of scientific writing proficiency is expected, as well as a desire to publish and submit grant proposals.

Please apply through URL. For questions or assistance with application, please email laputd@unr.edu.

Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications Ph.D. in Agriculture Engineering, Biological Engineering, Horticulture or a related field. Completion of a doctoral degree in the appropriate discipline is required. The doctoral degree must have been completed within the five years immediately preceding the first date of appointment as a postdoctoral fellow at the University. The individual cannot have held previous positions in the professional ranks.

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Perks of Working at UNR:

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