Position Summary

Descriptive Title

Water Resources Educator

Salary and Other Benefits

$47,000 for Master's degree; Generous retirement, annual and sick leave, excellent health insurance coverage.

Start Date

Jan 03, 2022

Position Description

Position Summary
The Area Water Agent (AWA) is a professional faculty-level position within the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. This position will be based in Tifton, GA. The area focus of the position will encompass the Southwest and Southeast District of Georgia. The agent will be expected to develop a purposeful relationship with stakeholders and county agents to accomplish education and outreach activities of mutual interest.  The extension program should cover regional water issues that are critical to economic development and environmental protection in Georgia.  Potential areas for extension programming include:
• Protecting and enhancing water quality. Specific programs could include stormwater systems and management; wastewater management; pond management; private well management; drinking water quality; agricultural best management practices (BMPs); or other water-related issues not listed here that would meet the needs of stakeholders.
• Water conservation. Specific programs could include educating citizens about water use, sources, and supplies; water reuse and recycling; drought-tolerant landscapes; water-conserving technologies, techniques or practices for urban and agricultural landscapes; irrigation system management; water conservation in the home and built environment; or other water conservation measures requested by stakeholders.
• Water as it relates to natural resources and the environment. Specific programs could include understanding the value of wetlands; watershed education; ecosystem services; building consensus between water users, the regulatory community, and environmental stakeholders;  springs protection; minimum flows and levels; saltwater intrusion; harmful algal blooms; aquifer recharge and protection; and others designed to better understand natural resources.


Required Qualifications

A Master’s degree is required. Degrees must be from an accredited college or university in an agricultural and/or water science or related field; for example, water resources engineering, soil, and water science, environmental science, agroecology, ecohydrology, or a similar area.

Preferred Qualifications

-Proficiency in ArcGIS Mapping program -Proficiency in current word processing and data management (e.g. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel) -Demonstrated ability in written and oral communication -Ability to speak to/teach large groups of residents -Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with county, district, and state staff, local government employees, and clientele -Ability to show high standards of professionalism in personal contacts, appearance, and work habits -Ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely through written and verbal communication -Ability to work as a team member and engage with groups and committees -Ability to design, coordinate, and teach educational programs to meet community needs -Skills in leadership and management

Travel Requirements


Driver’s license or alternate transportation required?


About University of Georgia



  • Develop, implement, evaluate, and report on a comprehensive water extension program in cooperation with local citizens and stakeholders, county and city governments, state and regional agencies, and extension colleagues (ANR, FACS, and 4-H).
  • Use extension programs to address local, regional, and emerging issues
  • Contribute to the strengthening of the Georgia economy by providing educational support for long-term sustainable water use.
  • Focus educational programs to address issues, facilitate solutions, and promote positive behavior change associated with water conservation, water quality protection, and public awareness of water issues.
  • Develop and deliver educational materials to target audiences including both youth and adults.
  • Work closely with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission, the Georgia Soil and  Water Conservation Districts, the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture, and county/city governments to provide water resource education.
  • Work closely with state officials regarding agricultural water withdrawal and any issues that pertain thereto.


  • Provide regional contributions, support, training, and mentorship to county extension agents regarding water resource education programs.
  • Provide regional educational workshops and programs to achieve a balance reflective of  Georgia’s population diversity and to address the unique educational needs of regional stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with state extension specialists and other extension colleagues to conduct practical and applied research projects. Engage social scientists when appropriate.
  • Serve as project leader for extramural funding that supports and enhances the extension program.
  • Collaborate with UGA Extension stakeholders and external partners to ensure the success of the position and program.
  • Work with the UGA/CAES Water Resources Team, Area Water Agents, and Water Educators in other parts of the state as a highly functional, complementary, and effective team.
  • Meet regularly as an Area Water Agent team with appropriate Extension Program Leaders,  Program Development Coordinators, Water Resources Team members and other water resource faculty, and District Extension Directors to plan effective and collaborative statewide programs,  Extension materials, and in-service training for county faculty.


  • Establish and maintain a system to measure program accountability and effectiveness.
  • Provide leadership for the management of all program components including program policies,  record keeping, risk management, communications, and educational materials.
  • Assume other assignments and responsibilities in support of the total extension program as assigned by the District Extension Director.
  • Follow all university policies and procedures.