Job Summary

Official Job Title :
Extension Agent, 4-H
University or Organization :
NC State University
State or Territory :
N. Carolina
Application Deadline :
Nov 30, 2018
Descriptive Job Title :
Extension Agent, 4-H
Keywords separated by commas :
4-H, NCSU, Cooperative Extension, Caldwell County
Location :
Lenior , NC
Area, Department or Unit :
Full/Part Time :
Salary :
Minimum $35,000; Minimum Master's $40,000 I
Start Date:
Jan 01, 2019
Duties include seek out and develop local relationships, identify priority programming opportunities and develop, deliver, facilitate and evaluate educational activities for a diverse range of program delivery models. Models include 4-H clubs, school enrichment, summer day camps, overnight camping, after-school clubs and more. Give leadership to volunteer development including volunteer recruitment, selection, training and recognition. Focus training for 4-H leaders that will increase their effectiveness in working with youth and retain their commitment as volunteer leaders over sustained periods of time.
Position Category:
Extension Agent, 4-H , Education and Programming
Additional Description, Instructions or Comments:
The individual in the position will provide extraordinary leadership for the total 4-H program and will be responsible for program planning, development, delivery, evaluation and reporting.The current 4-H program is a mix of traditional 4-H clubs, project clubs, special interest youth programs, school enrichment, and seasonal camp opportunities.
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Minimum education level :
One of the following educational requirements: A Bachelors degree with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 overall or a 3.0 (based on a 4.0 scale) in child or youth development or related field, A Bachelors degree and the completion of at least one-half of coursework in a Masters degree curriculum with a cumulative grade point average 3.0 or higher with at least one of the degrees in child or youth development or related field, or Completion of a Masters degree with at least one of the degrees in child or youth development or related field. Also required: a personal automobile; computer literacy; strong oral and written communication skills; the ability to plan, implement, market, and evaluate educational programs; willingness to work as a team member and support a total Extension program; and the ability to handle multiple demands and set priorities. Personal Attributes: Successful performance of the duties encompassed in the County Extension Agents job requires that the individual possess habits of industry, a sense of responsibility, and a genuine appreciation for the worth of the individual. The employee must be adept in both oral and written communication.
Years of experience :
Two years experience in a youth development/education field.
Travel Requirements:
Travel within the county and district is required. Occasional travel outside the district required. Overnight trips will also be required occasionally in the district and state for meetings and professional development.
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Contact :
Kelley Hiemstra
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Please advertise for 30 days