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Extension Agent - Agriculture and more - six positions (Faculty)
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Montana State University Extension
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None Stated
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Extension Agent - Agriculture and more - six positions (Faculty)
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Extension Agent Agriculture 4-H
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Various in Montana
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Full time
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We have an exciting opportunity to fill six Extension Agent positions at once in Montana. Here is your opportunity to apply for up to six different Extension Agent positions with one application! Please contact us if you have any questions when applying.Montana currently has seven open Extension Agent positions in the agriculture field. The various emphases include: production agriculture, irrigated and dryland crop production, livestock production, farm and ranch financial management, range management, pest management, natural resource management, horticulture and 4-H/Youth Development. Please read description for each county, and indicate which position(s) you would like to apply for in answering the questions below.BLAINE County-Located in Chinook, MT. COUNTY PROFILE: Blaine County is located in North Central Montana and borders Canada. Blaine County has an area of 4,227 square miles with an average of 1.5 persons per mile. The county has a population of 6,683 based on 2012 population estimates, with the largest centers at Chinook, Harlem, and Turner. Based on an agricultural economy, Blaine County also relies on oil and gas, tourism and education as primary sources of employment. Hunting, fishing, rodeo, softball and bowling are popular forms of recreation. The Missouri River Breaks National Monument is located along the southern border of the county. Bear Paw Battlefield National Park is located 15 miles south of Chinook and the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation lies in the eastern third of the county. The 4-H program consists of approximately 170 youth members and 56 volunteer leaders in 7 organized clubs.GENERAL INFORMATION: The main program emphasis of the Blaine County Extension Agent Position will be in the areas of Agriculture and 4-H/Youth Development. The office also has a full time Family and Consumer Science Agent, one full time Administrative Assistant and one part time Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP-Ed) educator.FERGUS County- Located in Lewistown, MT. County profile: Located in Central Montana, Fergus County covers approximately 4,600 square miles. The county is bordered on the north by the Missouri River and on the south by the Big Snowy Mountains. The county is approximately 2.8 million acres with beef cow-calf, dryland small grain and dryland hay being the primary agricultural production enterprises. Lewistown is the county seat with a population of 6, I 00. Other small towns in the county include Denton, Grass Range, Moore, Roy and Winifred. County population, according to July 1, 2004 estimates is 1 1,539. The county ranks third in Montana in total agricultural cash receipts; third in winter wheat, alfalfa and all cattle and calves. There are approximately 830 farm ranch operations in the county. County agricultural production includes approximately 125,000 acres of winter wheat; 90,000 acres of barley; 156,000 acres of hay; and 68,000 head of beef cows and heifers. Agricultural production, agri-business and small manufacturing form the basis of the economy along with the education, medical care and government office sectors. Fergus County is a mix of three mountain ranges, an inter-mountain basin, open prairie and the Missouri River breaks. A multitude of fishing, hunting and recreational opportunities exist within the county and in the nearby area. Excellent schools and the Central Montana Medical Center are important aspects of the central Montana community.GENERAL INFORMATION: The main focus of the Fergus County Extension Agent position will be the areas of production agriculture/marketing and natural resource management, along with 4-H/Youth Development and community/economic development, specifically in the agricultural area. The agent in this position works with the full time Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent and the full time 4H Program Assistant. The agent in this position shares portions of the 4-H program with the Family and Consumer Science Agent and the 4-H Program Assistant. Both agents and the 4-H Program Assistant work with the full- time administrative assistant for the Fergus County Extension Office. The Fergus County Extension Office also provides Extension education programs to the residents of Petroleum County, which is adjacent to the east boundary of Fergus County.GALLATIN County Located in Bozeman, MT. County Profile: Gallatin County is home to Montanas Land Grant University, Montana State University and is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Current population is 104,502, a 16.7% increase from the 2010 census. Bozeman, the County Seat has a population of 43,405. Located on the northern and western border of Yellowstone National Park Gallatin County has excellent recreational opportunities including golf, fishing, skiing, hiking, climbing, and hunting. Small acreage landowners are an important part of the population with many interests varying from small scale food production to wildlife habitat enhancement to purely recreational interests. Gallatin County climate is conducive to an vibrant population of horticulture enthusiasts, and has an active Master Gardener program. Agriculture enterprises include cereal grain, cow-calf production, grain and potato seed production, forage and an emerging local foods production interest. In addition to this position, the MSU Gallatin County Extension Office includes a full-time Natural Resource field faculty, a full-time 4-H Youth Development field faculty.General Position Responsibilities: The emphases of this full-time position are small acreage stewardship, horticulture, agriculture, and periodic assistance to the 4-H Youth Development field faculty. Gallatin County field faculty in this position will facilitate educational programs in locally identified foci within programmatic emphases. Faculty in this position will plan, implement and evaluate small acreage stewardship, horticulture, and agriculture Extension programs utilizing Extension teaching.MADISON-JEFFERSON Counties-Located in Whitehall, MT. County Profiles: Madison and Jefferson Counties are situated along the continental divide in southwestern Montana. The Jefferson and Madison rivers and their tributaries lie in the valleys between mountain ranges including the Tobacco Root, Madison, Elkhorn, Boulder, Ruby and Gravelly ranges. Madison County population is 7,924 and Virginia City is the County seat. Jefferson County population is 11,853 and Boulder is the County Seat. Primary economic activity includes mining (gold and talc), agriculture, tourism, and outdoor recreation. Agricultural industries include cattle, sheep, horses, potatoes, forages, and small grains. A substantial number of small acreage landowners commute to larger communities for employment, while others, including some large parcels, are seasonally occupied with primarily outdoor recreation interests.General Position Responsibilities: The emphases of this full-time position are Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and 4-H Youth Development. Madison-Jefferson Counties field faculty in this position will facilitate educational programs in locally identified foci within programmatic emphases. The office is also staffed with an Economic Development field faculty, Economic and Community Development field faculty, Agriculture and 4-H Youth Development program assistant and an office manager. The 4-H Youth Development program is very active and currently exceeds 350 4-H members with a strong group of 4-H volunteers. Faculty in this position will plan, implement and evaluate agriculture, natural resource, and 4-H Extension programs utilizing Extension teaching.PONDERA County-Located in Conrad, MT. COUNTY PROFILE: Pondera County is located in the Golden Triangle area of Montana, one hour north of Great Falls and within two hours of Glacier National Park. Conrad is the county seat and has, according to U.S. Census estimates for 2011, a population of 2,616. Total county population, according to that same resource, is 6,257. Other towns and communities in Pondera County include Brady, Dupuyer, Heart Butte, Ledger, and Valier. The county ranks fourth in the state for cash receipt from crops and seventh in overall farm income according to Montana agricultural statistics for 2012. Crops provide almost $79.7 million of that total with $25.5 million coming from livestock operations, including a significant number of purebred seed stock producers. Barley, winter wheat, spring wheat and hay are the predominant crops; the county ranks second in the state for barley production, fifth in winter wheat, and fifth in durum wheat. Other crops produced include canola, peas, lentils, corn and mustard. Pondera County is the largest swine producing county in Montana. Other major county industries include food processing, manufacturing, tourism and health care. Part of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation is located in the western portion of the county. There are five Hutterite Colonies located in the county. Pondera County has approximately 94 4-H members and 34 volunteer 4-H leaders in five organized 4-H clubs. MSU Extension offices are located on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and in all surrounding counties. Complete (K-12) school systems exist in the communities of Conrad, Valier and Heart Butte. Conrad is home to a community hospital and nursing home. The county offers a variety of recreational opportunities which include skiing, golfing, hunting, fishing, and camping. The mountains and lakes in the surrounding area are popular recreational sites.General position responsibilities: The main job emphases of the Pondera County Extension Agent will be in the areas of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and 4-H/Youth Development. The office is staffed by one other agent, whose job emphases are in the areas of family/consumer sciences and 4-H/Youth Development, and one full-time administrative assistant who is supervised by both agents.YELLOWSTONE County-Located in Billings, MT. COUNTY PROFILE: Located in south central Montana, Yellowstone County is Montana's most populous county with an estimated population of over 150,000. Billings, the county seat, is the largest city within a 500 mile radius with an estimated population of 107,000 (2012) and is a major retail and wholesale trade, financial, energy, transportation and medical center. Billings also serves as a transportation hub for rail, truck, and air travel and is a major trade center for southern and eastern Montana and northern Wyoming. Agriculture in Yellowstone County is diverse from both a crops and livestock standpoint. Total cash receipts for agriculture are the highest in Montana totaling approximately $138 million. The surrounding 18 county trade area earns about $980 million annually for crop and livestock receipts. There are approximately 80,000 irrigated crop acres, 220,000 dryland crop acres, and about 1.3 million acres in pasture and rangeland. Irrigated crops consist of sugar beets, malting barley, corn, dry beans, small grains, alfalfa and corn for silage and grain. The primary dryland crop is winter wheat. Beef cow/calf operations and beef feedlots are the primary livestock enterprises.Yellowstone County offers diverse educational opportunities, cuisine, arts and culture to people throughout the region. Laurel, a town of 7,300, is located 12 miles from Billings and other communities in the County include Ballantine, Broadview, Custer, Huntley, Lockwood, Pompeys Pillar, Shepherd and Worden. Sixty eight public and private schools in the county (37 elementary, 13 middle, 10 high and 8 private) provide excellent educational opportunities. Billings is also home to MSU-Billings, the MSU College of Technology, and Rocky Mountain College. Established in 1883 and located along the Yellowstone River, Yellowstone County is rich in history. The only remaining evidence of the Lewis & Clark expedition, Clarks signature on Pompeys Pillar, is located in the county. The area also offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including skiing, hiking, biking, and boating. Yellowstone Park is easily accessible as well. Billings is a transportation hub with a large airport. It also has available an efficient MET Bus Transit System. Special cultural opportunities include the Yellowstone Art Museum, the Western Heritage Center, the Billings Symphony, the Alberta Bair Theater, and Zoo Montana. The medical corridor provides the most advanced healthcare services in a four-state area and Healthcare in Billings is an important economic anchor.GENERAL INFORMATION: The main emphasis of the Yellowstone County Extension Agent position will be in the area of Agriculture. The Yellowstone County Extension Office has two other fulltime Extension agents, one whose focus is family and consumer science and one whose focus is 4-H/youth development. The office also has a 2/3 FTE horticulture program assistant and 1 full time and 1 half time administrative assistant.
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Extension Agent
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Bachelor's degree
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Frequent travel throughout the county; occasional travel throughout the state.
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